SARS-COV2 and Prevotella

SARS-COV2 and Prevotella

A major discovery: COVID-19 virus uses a bacteria to kill


Several teams in several countries (notably in China, France, – USA), have made a major discovery that offers great hope of treatment of Covid19.

Ceci expliquerait :

_ why the treatment of some scientists, using an antibiotic (Azithromycin), and even more that of other who advocates a double antibiotic therapy, work,

_ why children are spared and older people more affected: Provetella is almost absent from the intestinal flora of the child, but more and more present with age,

_ why the obese are much more affected: their unbalanced intestinal flora contains a lot of Prevotella!

_why pulmonary complications are triggered when there is virtually no covid in the respiratory system, the infected bacterium (found in the stool, containing RNA from the covid and sometimes even live viruses) taking over from its initial attack (benign), in a much more dramatic way, triggering the inflammatory immune hyper-reaction that drowns the lungs…

_why the virus can reappear in a cured patient (with alternating positivity and negativity of tests), because the bacterium, always present in the intestinal flora, remains the host and can release it at any time…

This would explain everything; and this consistency bodes well for the validity of the hypothesis.

We therefore have a confirmation of the interest of azithromycin, as a curative therapeutic, to be prescribed from the beginning of the infection… and even a promising way to prevent serious infections (coronaviruses… and probably also flu!), this treatment goes through the recovery of a healthy intestinal flora that neutralizes Prevotella (by prescribing “probiotics”, that is to say a good intestinal flora)…

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